Michael Angelo Batio - No Boundaries _ The fastest guitar player

Michael Angelo Batio is an American instrumental rock/heavy metal guitarist and columnist from Chicago, Illinois. He attended Northeastern Illinois University and received a bachelor's degree in music theory and composition. Guitar One Magazine named him the fastest guitar player of all time.
Michael Angelo Batio - No Boundaries

Batio is ambidextrous, and can play two guitars at the same time - either in synchronization or using separate harmonies, as shown when he plays his famous Double Guitar. When playing one guitar, he plays as a right-handed person even though he is naturally left-handed. He is noted for his "MAB Over-Under" technique, which he invented, where he flips his hand over and under the neck, approaching the strings from above, then below, instead of from under the neck like other guitar players. Batio often plays with his fret hand above the neck, in a piano-playing style.

Batio taught guitarist Tom Morello (of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave fame) while Batio was attending college. Tom has credited MAB with teaching him in a feature article in Guitar World Magazine in 2005. Batio also gave lessons to guitarist Mark Tremonti after Creed broke up and Tremonti wanted to learn more techniques.

Michael Angelo Batio website http://www.angelo.com/

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