John McLaughlin Live in Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007

John mclaughlin performing "Five Peace Band" at Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007.
John McLaughlin (born January 4, 1942), also Mahavishnu orchestra John McLaughlin (not to be confused with pop/rock artist Jon McLaughlin), is a jazz fusion guitarist from Doncaster, Yorkshire in England. He came to prominence with Miles Davis' electric jazz-fusion groups from the late 1960s. He is regarded by many as one of the most influential and technically gifted guitarists of all time, having mastered a remarkable range of styles and genres, including jazz, Indian classical music, and fusion. He has also incorporated aspects of Flamenco music in some of his acoustic periods.

John Mclaughlin website http://www.johnmclaughlin.com/

John_Mclaughlin guitar licks http://www.jazzguitar.be/john_mclaughlin_licks.html

John McLaughlin Live in Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007

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