Pat Metheny play Picasso guitar_ Into The Dream

The Pikasso Guitar, or Pikasso I, is a custom-made instrument created by Canadian luthier Linda Manzer. This 42-string guitar with triple necks has been popularized by jazz artist Pat Metheny and can be heard on his song "Into the Dream" and on the albums Quartet, Imaginary Day, Jim Hall & Pat Metheny, Trio->Live, and Metheny Mehldau Quartet (The Sound of Water), his 2007 second collaboration with pianist Brad Mehldau. The guitar can also be seen on the Speaking of Now Live and Imaginary Day DVDs. Metheny has also used the guitar in his guest appearances on other artist's albums.

Its name is ostensibly derived from its likeness in appearance to the cubist works of Pablo Picasso.
Pat Metheny _ Into The Dream (Picasso guitar)

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