Joe Satriani _ Some Basic Lead Guitar Techniques

Fans of instrumental electric guitar music widely laud him as the most lyrical and soulful of contemporary rock guitarists, with an eye and an ear for a good tune and, more recently, an emphasis on emotion over technique. Since 1998 his albums have been, stylistically speaking, a departure from his earlier style, delving into simpler, more widely accessible genres. Satriani has maintained a large fan base throughout the world, buoyed largely by the lasting influence of his earlier albums.

His success is notable in a genre typically unfriendly to instrumental musicians. Satriani has received 14 Grammy nominations,and he has sold more than 10 million albums worldwide.

Satriani has endorsed Ibanez's JS Series guitars, and Peavey's JSX amplifier. Both lines were designed specifically as signature products for Satriani

Joe Satriani Teaches Some Basic Lead Guitar Techniques

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