Brian May Using Delays

Brian Harold May (born July 19, 1947) is a virtuoso guitarist best known as the lead guitarist and backing, sometimes lead, vocalist for the English rock band Queen. As a guitarist, he is known for his memorable riffs and solos, distinctive tone, as well as for the fact that he built (with his father) his own guitar, called the "Red Special".

He is described as a virtuoso by some music critics. He is also well renowned for his long-term interest in astrophysics, having recently completed his doctoral thesis in the subject.
May was ranked as the 39th greatest guitarist of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Brian May website http://www.brianmay.com/

Brian May Using Delays

Brian May is really your favorite guitarist. He may not be the most technical, but melodicaly and everything else he is the best.
He almost use this techique in many songs.

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